Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Poetry on Canvas: Poetry Contest!

As a supporter of all forms of writing, I agreed to post this notice here:

Dear fellow poets,

It’s time for submissions to the third annual “Poetry on Canvas” contest. Open to UTAH POETS ONLY. Gather your best poems and tell your friends.

Forty of the winning poems will be printed in the third edition of Utah Arts Voices, a literary annual. Fifteen of these forty will advance and be interpreted into art by local artists. The poem and painting combination will be displayed at the American Fork City Hall during April.

All poets and artists will be honored at a public gala the evening of May 4, 2013. Mark your calendars for the full day as Scott Livingston, the new writing instructor for the Council, will offer a writing seminar for all genres. We’ll send more information as the event nears.

ENTRY FEE: $8.00 per person. NOT $8.00 per entry. The fee will go toward printing costs of the Utah Arts Voices book, of which EACH submitter will receive one copy. Additional copies will sell for $10.00 with applicable discounts for multiple purchases.

Please mail checks payable to the Timpanogos Arts Foundation:

Attention: Lori England
American Fork Arts Council
51 E. Main
American Fork, UT 84003

RULES: 1) Limited to four submissions. Send via email only to in the body of the email. No attachments, please. Each piece must be sent separately.
2) Deadline: December 07, 2012
3) Subject line of email MUST include both author name and title of   submission
4) Poem length: 32 lines or less
5) Previously published work is acceptable if the author retains the rights.
6) By entering the contest, author certifies their submission or submissions are their original work, and they own the rights of publication. The American Fork Arts Council Press does not keep any publication rights or ownership once the selected works are published


A)  If any of the above guidelines are not met, the submission will be disqualified.
B)  If using a pen name, it must be included in each communication in conjunction with the “Poetry on Canvas” event.

Our thanks go to the American Fork Arts Council and the Timpanogos Arts Foundation for sponsoring the “Poetry on Canvas” competition and gala event. We’re looking forward to a super day of learning, sharing, and enjoying.


Cindy Bechtold: Humanities Program Director
Carl Bechtold—graphic artist—Utah Arts Voices
Merianne Nelson—art and framing director
Chrisy Ross—writing seminar consultant, secretary
Vickie Ericksen—writing seminar, refreshments