Friday, April 2, 2010

Write-a-Thon Contest!

On Thursday, April 8, 2010 Precision Editing Group will be sponsoring a Write-a-Thon and we're inviting writers to show us how many words you can write in 4 hours! The contest will open at 4:00 Mountain Daylight Time and end at midnight (You choose the best 4 hours during that period of time). There will be two winners. The person who writes the most words will receive their choice of a $50 gift card OR a 50 page content edit by one of the Precision Editing Group Editors. An additional winner will be chosen from everyone who participated in the write-a-thon. This winner will receive a $30 gift card to and be chosen through

Here's how it will work:

1-The Write-a-thon will officially begin at 4:00 Mountain Daylight Time.

2-The blog titled "Write-a-Thon Starts Now!" will post at 4:00 MDT--you need to enter your starting time and starting word count in the comment section of the blog when you begin.

3-Write for four hours--set a timer if you need to!

4-When finished, come back to the PEG blog and put your end time, end word count, and total words written in those 4 hours as another comment on the blog.

5-All "end time" posts must be posted by 12:15, Mountain Daylight Time (we're giving you 15 minutes to tally your numbers). To calculate your times based on where you live, go HERE and educate yourself about time zones.

6-Please be honest about your word count and use your time to write REAL words. You are your own time/word keeper and we are trusting that none of our dearly beloved readers would sell their integrity for $50 or 50 pages :-) You must have posted a start comment AND an end comment to be eligible to win either of the prizes.

7-The winner will be posted on Friday, April 9th here on the PEG blog.

We'll also be adding up everyone's words, think we can hit 100,000 words in one night?

Feel free to spread the word to other writers (Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs), wherever they may live--send them here to read up on the specifics. This contest is open to anyone, anywhere. While the prizes are a perk, the true challenge is to see how much you can do in a four hour period of time dedicated to writing. Buy hot dogs for the kids, turn off the phone, TIVO Letterman, and let your fingers go.

*Please ask any questions here, we'll answer them throughout the week.


Amy said...

I'm totally telling my writing buddies about this! Heard about it from Josi Kilpack.

I do have a question though. It looks like I'll need to start at 5:00 Arizona time. Does that mean I have to start right at five? I usually get off work at five and may not be available to begin writing right at the start. Will I be cheating either myself or others if I start later than the start time?

Josi said...

So glad you're going to do it, I think it will be a ton of fun. You can start any time you want, so long as you can write for a four hour block. I'm going to rewrite it, cause the time is confusing. It will be based on 4:00 to Midnight, using Mountain Standard Time. Hopefully that will be more clear, thanks for pointing it out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun. So, does the one who writes the most words win, or does everyone who participates get entered, no matter their word count?

Amy said...

Yeah I was wondering about that too. Is the winner based on word count or content? Or is it a drawing?
Cuz I'm pretty sure I could write total rubbish for four hours and get a billion words down!
But hey, even rubbish helps. Gail Carson Levine said to write even the stupid ideas down because stupid ideas are bold and good ideas are shy. Once the dumb ideas start getting some attention, the good ones'll come sneaking out too.

Precision Editing Group said...

Man you guys are good. We've re-written the blog to reflect two winners--the person with the most words written in their 4 hour block, and a winner drawn randomly from everyone who participates with a start and an end comment. Thanks for helping us iron out the wrinkles.

Anonymous said...

This is so AWESOME! I'm going to clear my calendar and see what I can't do! =D

Anonymous said...

This is 4 PM to Midnight, Right?

Sarah M Eden said...

I'm so in! I've been editing lately and I desperately need to do some "real" writing again.
I'll probably be doing the latest set of 4 hours available, so I can get my kids in bed before I start. I write better when they are sleeping--imagine, that.

Karen Dupaix said...

I've never been good at math, but it seems to me there are 8 hours between 4pm and midnight. Am I missing something here?

Precision Editing Group said...

We've updated the post to clarify the times--4:00-12:00. It is an 8 hour period of time which means each participant can choose the 4 hours that work best for them. Thanks for the questions.

* said...

What a great idea!!! Never heard of anything like this before. I'd love to participate!

LisaAnn said...

Man! I have meetings that night. Great idea for a contest. More contests that offer free editing would be wonderful. Hint, hint.

Amy said...

I have yet another question. (You guys are gonna get sick of me!)
Can I work on more than one piece, or does it have to be all on one WIP?

Kimberly Job said...

I want to participate, but we are having critique group right in the middle of this. Can I do 2 hours before, and 2 hours after? Or does it have to be 4 consecutive hours?

Josi said...

Kimberly--I have no problem with you doing 2 and 2, just track your time and your words and be sure to send in the totals by 12:15.