Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just Words

By Julie Wright

Yesterday, Miss Snark showed a rare moment of tenderness. If you don’t read Miss Snark’s blog, then I can only assume you aren’t serious about writing. http://misssnark.blogspot.com/ The post from yesterday is “It’s just words.”

Just words . . . An entire industry balances on the point of those mere words that we authors write. Entire generations morph and grow on the point of those mere words. Revolutions are started, wars tamed into peace, lives changed all for the sake of a few silly words.

It’s the cool part of being a writer. I know I will live in the pages of my books long after I am dead and strumming my harp (or shoveling coal in the eternal hot place . . . you never know with me).

There should be a lesson learned here in this blog I’m writing and so the lesson for today is: if you love words and want to write, then do it. I am here today, published, and not too shabby because some absurd little English teacher in tenth grade told me I never would be. I had to prove him wrong.

There will be lots of people to tell you how hard the road is (it is hard). There will be lots of people patting you on the head and giving those twisted little patronizing smiles where you know deep down they don’t believe you’ll succeed (but they're wrong).

I am honestly telling you that if you want it, then you can have it.

As an informal poll, I am curious how many writers out there write because someone told them they couldn’t?

Here is the formula to becoming a successful writer:
Sit in a chair in front of a computer or in front of a desk with a pad of paper and a pen.
Write one word
(do not stop here to check your email)
Write another
(wait a little while to get your snack)
Write a few more until you feel justified in closing the sentence with a period.
(ignore that ringing phone)
Repeat this until you feel justified in closing the novel with the words “the end.”
It’s that easy.

Take a chance on yourself and find out what you can do with mere words.


Heather B. Moore said...

Great blog. I'm one of those people. I took a creative writing workshop several years ago, and the instructor criticized stay-at-home mothers who thought they could write a novel and make an extra buck. Needless to say, I was offended. I had quit a well-paying manager position to stay at home with my son. As we all know, writing novels might make us an extra buck (or two, if we're lucky), but it's something that we live and breathe. Not something that we do because we are tired of laundry.

Julie Wright said...

If I knew who this guy was, I'd so totally slap him! As if writing as a stay at home mom is easy . . . with kids interrupting every few seconds (notice in my instructions, I never direct you to ignore the kids, just the phone, the email etc :) ) Never ignore the kids, they make good writing material.

Janette Rallison said...

People always told me that I would be an author--and I believed them. Just think of what I would have accomplished if they'd told me I could achieve world peace . . . oh well, I guess the world will just have to settle for my books.