Thursday, April 8, 2010

START Write-a-Thon April 8, 2010

This was supposed to post automatically, but maybe it was on East Coast time. Sorry. It's 4:22 now so . . .

Rev up your engines, it's time to get this party started!

Here's a repeat of the rules-and-or-processes for tonight's write-a-thon:

1-Enter your starting time and starting word count in the comment section of this blog. Contest is open from 4:00 pm, April 8 to 12:15 am, April 9.

3-Write for four hours--set a timer if you need to! (You can take breaks, but track your time!)

4-When finished, come back to this blog and put your end time, end word count, and total words written in those 4 hours in the comment trail.

5-All "end time" posts must be posted by 12:15, Mountain Daylight Time (we're giving you 15 minutes to tally your numbers). To calculate your times based on where you live, go HERE and educate yourself about time zones.

6-Please be honest. You are your own time/word keeper and we are trusting that none of our dearly beloved readers would sell their integrity for $50 or 50 pages :-) You must post a start comment AND an end comment to be eligible to win and have your words counted toward the total.

7-The winner--whoever has the most words written in their four hours--will be posted Tomorrow, Friday, April 9th here on the PEG blog. The winner will receive their choice of a $50 gift card to or 50 pages of a content edit from one of the Precision Editing Group editors.

**Bonus prize: If all participants combined word counts meet or exceed 100,000 words an additional prize drawing will be held for a hand crafted journal from Pendragon's Bookbinding.

Ready, set, go...


Julie Belnap said...

Starting time: 4:19 Pm, Word Count N/A

I'm going to be working on various stuff, so I can't show my word count until I'm done.

good luck all!

Heather B. Moore said...

Starting time 4:25. Word count:15,400

This will be sporatic, but I'm hoping for lots of words in about 2.5 hours total :-)

Black Cat said...

Starting time: 4:30. Word Count: 0

Here goes! :D I hope we can all make that 100,000!

Elizabeth Beuhring said...

0 word count at 5:02 MDT

Jennifer said...

Starting time: 5:02pm, Word Count: 0

Karen Pellett said...

I started at 4:05 pm mst with a word count of 27,541. I will need to take a break soon to cook dinner, but then it will be back to work as soon as possible.

Sara said...

Starting time: 6:30pm.
Word Count: Zero

Good luck everyone!
No turning back now(:

Lois said...

Start time: 6:37 PM Central Daylight time (5:37 MDT)

Word count: 0

Wendy said...

Starting time 5:52 PM, Word Count 0.

I hope to find I can write lots under pressure!

Pendragon said...

Start time: 6pm MST
Word count start: 44,600

Annette Lyon said...

Start time: 6:10 pm MDT

Beginning word count: 2,066

Jodee said...

Started at 2:30 MST at a big fat 0 word count. I'm going to write something new: )

Jade Simons said...

Starting time 6:28
Word count 3714

Curtis said...

Starting time 1:46 PM (I work a graveyard shift, so I had to start early. Hope I still qualify).

Word count: 4,667

Kim Coates said...

Starting at 7:06. Beginning word count it 1616.

Good luck everyone!!

Amy said...

Beginning time: 6:20 AZ time
Beginning word count: 129

Robin said...

Starting Time: 7:21pm MST

Begin Word Count: 11,053

Write like the wind!!!

Sarah M Eden said...

Start time 7:30pm MDT
Word count: 4703

Julie Wright said...

7:36 word count starting at 21,507

Josi said...

Julie Wright--started at 4:00, WC 0

Krista--started at 5:30, WC 0

Josi--started at 7:37. WC 12,335

Josi said...

How did Julie sign in at the exact time I signed her on? And I had the wrong time--go me!

Rebecca Irvine said...

starting time: 6:43

word count: 0

Taffy said...

It's 7:41 right now...

18,388 word start

Lois said...

end time 8:45 PM Central Daylight time

Word count 1114

Not 4 hours worth. But it's a start.

Marta O. Smith said...

Starting time: 8:00 p.m.
Word Count: Zero

Queen of Chaos said...

My start time 8:00pm
Word count 0

Good luck all!!!!

Amie B said...

it is 10:05 EST, my word count is 2,341. obviously at this late hour, i won't be putting in 4 hours, but i'm aiming for 2.

L.T. Elliot said...

Starting time: 8:05
Word count: 6,417

Thanks for this, PEG! Good luck to everyone and congrats to those who've finished theirs!

Karen Hoover said...

Starting time: 8:11 pm MST
Word Count: 57,524

Working on Book 2 in The Wolfchild Saga, titled The Armor of Light.

Julie Wright said...

Sorry Josi, my computer cord came in the mail and I've got my computer back. So since I didn't get started when we talked (the store was slammed) I decided to do it in the evening when kids were settled and I was likely to get some peace. So I just started (and am now on the internet . . . see how focused i am?) Anway--the number I entered for word count was my starting point. Good luck to those of us just going, and way to go fr those already done!

Julie Belnap said...

I'm done with my four hours!

Ending time: 8:19

Word Count: 2,255

Wow, I did a lot more than I thought. That was super fun! I was working on a different story, but then jumped to one of my other ones because the one I started with wasn't flowing as smoothly. I got a chapter and and 3/4ths done on the second story! Thanks for this great experience!!

I don't think I'll win, but it was SO MUCH FUN! I'll make sure to tell all of my author buddies when I got to the Teen Writers Conference in June! Annette, Josi, it will be fun to see you there!

This was a great experience, a little exhausting, but awesome!

Black Cat said...

Ending time: 8:30. Word count: 2,971

WHEW! That was great! :D Probably could have done better if I hadn't been called to dinner in the middle, but I still call that pretty awesome. Thanks for the fun experience, PEG!

Julie Belnap said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen Pellett said...

I made it, yeah!!!

Beginning Start Time: 4:05 pm MST
Beginning Start Count: 27,541
Stop Time: 5:35 pm MST
Stop Count: 29,197
After Dinner Start Time: 6:15 pm MST
After Dinner Start Count: 29,197
Stop Time: 8:50 pm MST
Stop Count: 31,899

Grand total word count: 4,358 written within 4 hours.

Elizabeth Beuhring said...

ended 9:02 MDT with a word count of 370. had major writing block today. but it was fun. ^_^

Sara said...

Ending Time: 10:23 PM.
Word Count: 5,098

I just wanted to say how great this experience was; I had a lot of fun! I am super glad I am still on spring break; otherwise I may not have gotten the time to actually sit down for four hours and write. Thank you so much PEG! This got me out of my writing-rut.

Jennifer Shelton said...

Ending time: 9:02pm MDT
Word count: 3,675

This was an awesome experience. I got more written in a long time

Annette Lyon said...

Ending time: 10:10 MDT

Ending word count: 10,482

Total words written: 8,416


Amie B said...

12:11 word count is now 4315. That's 1,974 words in 2 hours and 6 minutes. eh. oh well. at least i got a start on this project. i have an agent waiting on it.

Pendragon said...

end time: 10pm MST
end word count: 51,690

Total words written: 7,038!

Really good. Congrats to everyone! Great job Annette :) Here i thought i had a really good chance at winning LOL Hands are Tired!!

Rebecca Irvine said...

I have to stop at three hours to get to bed for work. My total word count was 1,134. A little slow, but it could have been worse!

Jade Simons said...

Starting time 6:28
Word count 3714
End time 10:39 (Got a phone call so i didn't count that time)
End word count 7668
That is a total of 3954
Not bad for 4 hours

Jodee said...

Okay I'm out of here I can hardly see the screen I'm so tired and I'm sure I'll read what I wrote tomorrow and wonder what I was thinking.
Start time was 2:30 0 word count
Break from 4:30 to 8:45 ended at 10:45 final word count 7475
Thanks PEG this was fun. I should do it more often.

Kim Coates said...

Who-hoo! I did it!

Ending time 11:08
Ending word count 5005
Total word count 3389

Thanks PEG! Same time next week? :)

Wendy said...

End time 10:52--had a 60 minute dinner and kids break.
Word Count: 2359
(Hopefully, a very literary 2359)

Amy said...

Ending time: 10:16
Ending word count: 5,335
total word count: 5,206

I can't believe I just wrote that much!
Goodnight and good luck everyone!

Robin said...

Stop Time: 11:20pm MST

Starting WC: 11,053
Ending WC: 12,104

I probably physically wrote far more than is reflected because I was editing more than anything else. But I did add some great scenes and fleshed out a lot of backstory that was lacking. But deleted a lot!!!!

Thanks for this opportunity. It was really worth it.

Jewel/Pink Ink said...

Start time: 11:33 PM MDT Starting word count: 31,617

Sarah M Eden said...

Ending time: 11:30 MDT
Ending word count: 13694

Total words: 8991
Total usable words: debatable

Thanks PEG for hosting this. It was exactly what I needed to get out of the writing funk I've been in lately! My brain thanks you.

Curtis said...

Ending time: 11:34 PM
Ending word count: 7,347
Total words: 2,680

Good times. Thanks PEG

Josi said...

Holy smokes--this is cool.

I was really good for the first 2 hours but ran out of notes (should have taken Annette's advice more seriously) and I struggled through the next two hours and am convinced it's crap but it's on the page. Still, I'm very, very pleased.

End time: 11:46
End Word count: 19041
Total written: 6706

Krista said...

Done, 9:30 PM

Total written: 2810

Taffy said...

My computer was possessed and wouldn't turn on! I quit at 11:38 with word count of 21273.

Sarah M Eden said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather B. Moore said...

Start: 4:25 p.m.- 5:01 p.m.

Then again from: 10:05 p.m.-12:00 a.m.

Word count start: 15,400
Word count finish: 20,071

TOTAL: 4,671

PRETTY GOOD FOR 2.5 hours! I would have smoked you all if I'd been able to get 4 hours in. Just kidding! Congrats everyone. This was awesome!

Marta O. Smith said...

Ending time: 12:00 midnight
Ending word count: 1,802

Julie Wright said...

ending 11:57
took an hour break to close out the register at my store, make dinner and eat, so in a little under three hours my end word count is: 24891 which leaves me with a total written word count of: 3,385

Most of you guys kicked my trash, but I am so glad to have written so much! I also got a few scenes organized in a better order so the story flows with better pacing (and I know I shouldn't have been editing, but I couldn't help it)

Awesome exercise and I loved knowing i was writing with dozens of others. It really helped me stay focused (as much as I am capable of focusing)

Karen Hoover said...

Ending time is 12:09
Ending word count: 62,979

Total word count: 5,455

Wow, that was fun! Let's do it again!

L.T. Elliot said...

Finished: 12:09
Final wordcount: 8028
Words written: 1611

I know it's not a lot and I actually did try to write the full four hours but I'm a slow writer. And out of practice. Oh well. I'm just glad to have written today!

Jewel/Pink Ink said...

Okay, I don't know what happened to my first comment, but I started at 11:40 p.m. ended at 12:15 a.m. and got 701 total words.

Next time, I will start sooner! But it was still fun.